Scheduled / Distribution / Fleet Outsourcing

  • Scheduled Deliveries

    Very often businesses are working against the clock; meeting deadlines, clearing the dock, getting shipments and correspondence delivered on-time.  To help these customers, Elite Transportation works one-on-one to develop and customize a service schedule to meet these pressing demands.  From the time a scheduled run is made, count on our team to make every pickup and delivery according to plan with no surprises.  Elite Transportation has a very loyal staff of drivers, which means customers often work and become familiar with people day-in and day-out.

    Whether the pick-up time is once-a-week, once-a-day or several times throughout an afternoon, Elite Transportation can create an optimized route schedule to meet the need. Call today to discuss your schedule with one of our account managers.  

  • Distribution Deliveries

    At times customers have delivery needs that are infrequent, but high in volume.   We can move anything from employee gifts, annual reports, a semi load or boxcar of product that needs to move.  Elite is only a phone call away.  To find out driver rates or to schedule a dedicated driver, please contact your account manager.  Every day we work directly with our customers to meet their most pressing demands.

  • Fleet Outsourcing

    Focus on your core business. Let Elite handle the distraction of managing a fleet and supplying drivers. Elite can provide your company with a fully trained driver and appropriate vehicle for your exclusive delivery needs.  By outsourcing drivers and vehicles you will no longer worry about expensive fleet management and the costs associated with hiring full time employees. Don't waste valuable time.  Call us today to learn more about how your deliveries can be handled hassle-free.

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