Frequently Asked Question - Independent Contractor Drivers

Our Dispatch Office is open from 6am to 6pm Monday - Friday.  The phones are answered 24/7 for After-hours deliveries.

Most IC's treat their business with Elite as a full time gig and spend up to 40 or more hours on the road, usually weekdays.  An IC sets their own work hours, which can vary from day to day, but most have decided that it's best to start in the morning (6am to 8am) and run until the end of the day.

IC's in trucks that weigh 10,000 lbs. GVWR or more are subject to the DOT rules for maximum hours per day.  Currently, that's 11 hours driving and 14 hours on-duty.  IC's in vehicles that weigh less have no such limits.

Delivery distances vary. Since much of the work is on-demand, each day is different. It also depends on where the IC lives. Average miles per day is about 200 - 250, but again this is not exact.  IC's can count on being home every night unless they accept an out-of-town run.

Elite has customers from a lot of different industries.  IC's carry anything from envelopes and office supplies to construction materials and industrial parts.  IC's in dock trucks and flatbeds typically carry the bigger loads.  IC's in vans, pickups and cars carry anything appropriate to the size of their vehicle. 

Earnings vary (sometimes widely) for several reasons.  The on-demand nature of the work, the varied experience and capabilities of each driver, time of work, vehicle type and conditions like age, gas mileage, repairs, etc. all figure into the mix. Generally those IC's with experience and good efficiency will have bigger checks.  Talk with Fleet Services for more information about earnings. 

Because the driver is an independent contractor, all expenses like vehicle/lease, fuel, repair, taxes, etc. are paid by the IC.  The flipside is that the IC has control of tax status, filings, and deductions that benefit their particular situation.

A couple of moving violations usually no problem.  Sometimes it can depend on the type of violations.

Elite cannot contract with IC's who have in the past 3 years any DWI/DUI. Driving without insurance. Careless/Reckless Driving etc.

No, but the you need to obtain a federal tax ID number and that can be registered in the IC's personal name or company name as they see fit.   Go to website to get this number.  The registration is free. If you have an established a LLC or S Corp., that's great we can just pay to your current business.

Elite customers expect us to provide these minimums in the vehicle type they request for a delivery.

  • Car: carry up to 99 lbs. per load. Light duty two-wheeler recommended.
  • Mini Van or SVU  carry up to 599 lbs. per load.  Less than 49" width between wheel wells in the cargo area.  IC is to have two-wheeler.
  • Large Pick Truck: carry up to  1,900 lbs. or more.  At least 49" between wheel wells to allow for pallet/skid.  IC is to have two-wheeler.
  • Cargo Vans: carry up to 1,900 lbs. or more.  Capable of handling a 4'x 8' sheet on the floor with the doors closed. IC is to have two-wheeler.

Elite customers expect us to provide these minimums in the vehicle type they request for a delivery.  Load limits vary with truck capacity.

  • Dock Truck:  24' to 26' box preferred, 2000 lb.  lift-gate, pallet jack, two wheeler, two rows of e-track, Load bar, 10 load straps, 10 blankets. 
  • Flatbed trucks dock high 24' or longer, Lift truck preferred,  Tie down straps, 2 chains with binders, and a tarp. Tarps needs to be enough to cover a load 8 ft. wide with a 5 ft. drop on all sides. 
  • Flat bed trailers must be 32 ft. min deck over.  Tie down straps, 2 chains with binders, and a tarp.  Tarps needs to be enough to cover a load 8 ft. wide with a 5 ft. drop on all sides.
  • Questions Call Fleet Services 763-785-0124.

Call Fleet Services at 763-785-0124 to answer any further questions you may have.

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